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Our perspectives on the current state and future of the polling and survey industry.


CivicScience Methodology Overview

CivicScience is a next-generation polling and market intelligence company. Through a proprietary, scientifically-valid, online survey methodology, we are fundamentally changing the way brands, media outlets, and investors gather and implement consumer research. Our methodology and data quality have been extensively tested and validated by leading experts in academia, industry, and economics. For a detailed overview of our methodology, please review our Methodology Overview.


Stereotypes Are a Real Time (and Money) Saver

Featured in a session at the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) ReThink Conference in 2015, this paper presents data about the types of questions (and answers) that are better predictors of consumer attributes beyond age, gender, and other core demographics. Our data science team looked for meaningful associations between different subsets of survey respondents, based on 608 questions from our syndicated question library.


Consumer Insights Through the Windshield, Not The Rearview Mirror

A top 10 paper at the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) ReThink Conference in 2014, we use CivicScience’s methodology to demonstrate forward-looking research possibilities and to identify ‘predictive’ consumers.


Assessing the Research Methodology, Validity, and Representativeness of CivicScience Survey Data

Authored by Dr. L. Pierce, Dr. A. Chatterji, Dr. J. Snyder, and Dr. A. Acquisti, academic advisors to CivicScience who conducted an analysis of CivicScience’s data collection, quality assurance, reporting techniques, demographic representativeness, and specific use case examples.


Assessing the Validity of CivicScience Data for Brand Measurement

A 15-page detailed examination of CivicScience’s data approach which was sponsored by leading market research agency, The NPD Group, Inc., and authored by Joel Rubinson, President of Rubinson Partners and formerly the Chief Research Officer of the Advertising Research Foundation.

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