Industry Focus: Chain Restaurant Consumer and Brand Insights

Use the CivicScience InsightStore™ to improve chain restaurant brand marketing, campaigns, and competitive research benchmarking.

Real-Time, Deep Market Research Solutions for the Chain Restaurant Industry

The CivicScience InsightStore™ actively and continuously tracks consumer sentiment on over 100 different U.S. chain restaurant brands, including casual dining, fast casual, QSRs, and limited service establishments including coffeehouse and convenience chains. Our existing, robust platform of tens of millions of anonymous consumer profiles captures answers to thousands of questions daily, allowing for rapidly available, deep insights on the diners you want to target more effectively. Competition in the chain restaurant industry is fierce — and we provide fast, relevant consumer insights to give our clients an edge.

Did you know?  Moe’s Southwest Grill has the Most Tech Savvy Fans, Chipotle the Most “Social” among Mexican fast casual chains. Chili’s fans rank high as fashion leaders, music trend followers, and new product communicators, while Applebee’s fans rank low in brand loyalty and more likely watch Drama TV shows. KFC fans also happen to have the healthiest lifestyles among the leading QSRs.

Rapid, Deep, Responsive Insights for Chain Restaurant Industry Consumer Research

To read more about how we mined those types of insights (and more) through the InsightStore™ platform, check out our recent blog series for the Chain Restaurant industry:

Consumer Insight Solutions for the Chain Restaurant Marketing Lifecycle

With the data from our InsightStore™, marketing agencies and leaders for these brands can support a number of solutions to improve their targeting of diners and campaign effectiveness:

  • Monitor diner/consumer sentiment in real time and track against historic views.
  • Identify different diner segments, including: brand loyalists, persuadables, detractors, at-risk consumers, and competitor loyalists.
  • Gain deep, meaningful insights on those segments, thanks to rapid cross-tabbing capabilities that compare their responses against thousands of other questions in our platform.
  • Understand detailed media consumption behaviors and attitudes, to know which media planning and buying selections will make the biggest impact for desired targets.
  • Plan and test campaign messaging reaction before making large investments.
  • Conduct custom ‘expectation science’ research to determine what new offers (i.e. menu items, pricing, services, etc.) will resonate best with different segments.
  • Measure and evaluate the effectiveness of ongoing and new campaigns.
  • Gain competitive bench-marking insights.
  • Track reaction to PR announcements and news.

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