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Home Automation Products and the 'Smart' Home
Insight Report: Home Automation Products and the 'Smart' Home
(February 2015)
Research Business Daily Report Recognizes T-Mobile, CivicScience Client
Insight Report: How to Attract More Men to Pinterest
(February 2015)
Insight Report: Profiling the Early Adopters of Ello Social Media Network
Insight Report: An In-Depth Look at the Market Maven Persona
(January 2015)

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Your engagement with us gives you access to rapid-turn, cost-efficient consumer research and sentiment data using intelligent polling and automated data science. With over 29 million respondent profiles currently stored, our data lets you:

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Poll Questions that Should Have “Only When I’m Drunk” as an Answer Option

We do some pretty serious research around here at CivicScience. Some of the smartest people in the world spend countless hours mulling over hundreds of millions of poll responses and near-infinite lines of code. Sometimes, especially after a massive code release like we had this week, when burn-out is near, things can get weird. Today […]

The Creep Factor of Home Automation

First let me start this post by confessing that the use of the word “creep” in my headline may be interpreted as unapologetic click bait. But in this case, I use the word “creep” to mean: “moving slowly and carefully, especially in order to avoid being noticed.” A year ago is when it started, with […]

How to Attract More Men to Pinterest

71% of Pinterest users are women. And according to a blog post we published in December (Insights You Can’t Get from Social Media Monitoring), Pinterest’s most active users tend to be younger women who are homeowners, are currently employed, and 44% have children. They are more likely to own a tablet computer, enjoy cooking, and […]

Our GRAMMY Prediction Tour Starts

As we had previously announced, we partnered with AXS TV and Billboard magazine this year to grab even more consumer predictions than ever for the upcoming GRAMMY® awards (which will air Sunday, February 8). With over 150,000 votes cast, we have officially started making the press tour rounds with some sneak-peeks at the data before the live prediction […]

New England Patriots Already Winning With Sports Enthusiasts

Yeah, yeah… of course we’ve done some polls asking people what they think about “Deflate-gate,” but this blog post instead looks at this Sunday’s Super Bowl XLIX differently: asking which team people think will win and which team they want  to win. Asking over 3,100 U.S. adults, the large majority – 69% — say they […]