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Webcast: Find Persuadable Consumers Using Data Science
Webinar: Digging in to the 'Who' of Social Media Audiences
Wednesday, Dec 3 @ 1 PM EST
Researching the Early Adopters of Virtual Doctor Healthcare
Insight Report: Researching the Early Adopters of Virtual Doctor Healthcare
(November 2014)
Insight Report: Besides being younger, who is the Snapchat Fan?
Insight Report: Social Media Chatter Now Rivals TV Advertising in Consumer Purchase Influence (October 2014)

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We provide rapid-turn, cost-efficient consumer research and sentiment data using intelligent polling and automated data science. With over 28 million respondent profiles currently stored, we get you reliable, representative data that lets you:

  • Find your most persuadable customers or audience.
  • Gain deep knowledge about your biggest fans and persuadables.
  • Micro-target and optimize your message, campaigns, and delivery vehicles.
  • Monitor and measure reaction and trends in real-time.

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One Year In: What Do Pittsburghers Think of Their New Mayor?

Just over a year ago, our fellow Pittsburgh residents elected a new mayor, former City Councilman Bill Peduto. Peduto swept into office as something of an outsider to the old school Democratic political machine that had dominated the city for decades. His progressive brand of politics and policy represented a new frontier for a relatively […]

The Shiny, New Club: Ello Joiners Are Least Concerned About Data Privacy, Corporate Practices

Warning: middle-aged angst is contained in this article. Even though it’s still “invitation only” to join, there’s been a lot of buzz around Ello, the newly launched social networking destination that promises better treatment of its users and their data (read Ello’s manifesto online). The company recently closed an additional $5.5 million in investment – […]

Is Election Day the Saddest Day of the Year?

by Lamar Pierce, PhD, Associate professor of organization and strategy at Olin Business School, and CivicScience academic advisor Election Day is a difficult one for many political candidates.  But a recent study I did with Todd Rogers of Harvard and Jason Snyder of UCLA shows it’s no picnic for their supporters either. We used thousands of […]

Taking Advantage of Tele-medicine Services: Who’s In?

Telemedicine and many emerging “virtual” healthcare services may be just what the doctor ordered for this major ailment: The Association of American Medical Colleges says that the U.S. faces a shortage of more than 130,600 physicians across primary care and all specialties by 2025. In recent project work with Iagnosis, a Pittsburgh-based start-up that offers […]

Researching the Personas of CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreens Fans

Due to the healthcare changes from the Affordable Care Act, drugstore chains are expanding and trying to tap into a new market, taking advantage of the revenue opportunities of newly insured Americans. With the continuously changing healthcare landscape, CivicScience can give these retailers a detailed look into their more loyal customer base, allowing them to […]