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CivicScience Offers Consumer Research Giveaway Contest for U.S. Nonprofit Organizations
CivicScience Offers Consumer Research Giveaway Contest for U.S. Nonprofit Organizations
Deadline to enter: June 15, 2015
insight report declines
Insight Report: Healthy Snackers, Frequent Snackers
(April 2015)
insight report declines
Insight Report: Declines and Audience Shifts - The Unscripted Truth About Reality TV Viewership
(March 2015)

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Your engagement with us gives you access to rapid-turn, cost-efficient consumer research and sentiment data using intelligent polling and automated data science. With over 29 million respondent profiles currently stored, our data lets you:

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  • Deepen your knowledge about any desirable consumer segments.
  • Access insights on an unbelievably wide range of topics.
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  • Monitor and analyze sentiment and trends over time.

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Our Value Exchange with Publishers: GoErie.com’s Story

If you’ve learned even a little bit about us up until now, you know that we source our massive, dynamic pool of consumer insights data through an extended network of partnerships with web and app publishers. Those publisher partners use our polling solution at no cost in exchange for gaining access to the data collected […]

Healthy Snackers, Frequent Snackers – They’re Not Who You Think

Snacking. It’s a pretty hot topic right now, with many diet and wellness experts for the past few years heavily promoting smaller main meals and more frequent snacking on healthy foods as the trend. The idea is by satiating yourself more regularly throughout the day, you are less prone to overeating at meal time and […]

What Your Web Browser Choice Says About You

A while back we analyzed Android users and iOS users and found a number of clear demographic and lifestyle differences between the two users. Now, we are focusing our attention on another category where consumers have a strong preference – web browser choice. In our latest “mini” Insight Report released today, we focus on consumers’ […]

Our Love for Nonprofits: Free Research Giveaway Program

CivicScience has a special place in our heart for the work of nonprofit organizations, and we are excited to announce a new program to help them benefit from the power of timely, deep consumer research to help their cause. Today we announced that each quarter, U.S.-focused nonprofits can enter to win free market research, a […]

Re-Thinking Stereotypes: What Data Science Tells Us

by Ross McGowan, VP of data science at CivicScience Let’s face it: Gender and age have long been the hallmarks behind most marketing and selling approaches. Those core demographic pieces of information are thought to predict much about our consumer preference and choice, as are other areas such as parental status and income. After all, […]